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I was born in Barcelona, one of the most blue and sunny cities of the Mediterranean. I have grown sharing all my games, pencils and clothes with 3 lovely sisters, and unconditionally supervised by my beloved parents. After a French education (Lycée Français de Barcelona) I started my studies at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) where I became an engineer in Telecommunication. Even if the university period was hard, my interest on doing research and my teacher vocation pushed me to do the PhD. Therefore, I did the PhD on Raman spectra processing working in Fuzzy Logic and Multivariate Analysis to perform automatic identification system for spectra identification . The application field of my research has been the analysis and study of artistic pigments. During the last year of my PhD I received a Marie Curie fellowship to realize a 5 months stage working in the IESL of Crete. As a result of those months I could extend my expertise to the LIBS technique applied as a tool to recognize ancient pottery. In addition to improving my scientific profile, I will never forget the people and the experiences from Crete.
When I came back from Greece I started to work at La Salle, in the GRSI group. Thus since 2008 I’m a member of the Research Group in Intelligent Systems of La Salle university where I do research at the Soft Case-Based Reasoning area of the group. My current job mainly involves research in R+D projects.