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Subjects currently taught

Degree and Master Thesis(TFC, PFC and TFM) currently supervided

Subjects taught in the past

Programming Methodology and Technology: September 2006 - July 2009
Advanced Programming and Data Structure: September 2009 - July 2010

Degree and Master Thesis (TFC, PFC and TFM) supervided in the past

TFC - Estudi d’algoritmes de cerca i implementació d’una eina didàctica.
Student: Ignasi Soria. Date: June 2009
PFC - Desenvolupament d’una aplicació de gestió de serveis basada en ITIL.
Student: Albert Rodríguez. Date: December 2009


Programming Methodology and Technology [Top]
The subject is thought for any student of first course of Engineering. It is an introduction into the world of the computer programs. Elementary concepts concerning the computer and the programming language are studied. All the introduction to the algorithmic is carried out by means of a pseudocode language that allows us to discern the theoretical concepts from those which are clearly practical, related with the programming languages.

Advanced Programming and Data Structure [Top]
The subject is divided in two parts. The first part is focused in the programs efficiency analisy as a quality criterion (analysis, specification and formal verification of iterative and recursive algorithms). The second part is focused at the concept of abstract data types and its algebraic specification.

Degree and Master Thesis (TFC, PFC and TFM) [Top]
The goal of Degree and Master Thesis is to assess if a student has achieved a set of knowledge in terms of theorical and practical issues. Therefore, the role of the supervissor is to lead the student to achieve the last goal.