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From the birth of the medicine with Hippocrates in the 400 AC until the study of the human genome, the fight against the cancer, the addictions, the dementias, the degenerative pathologies and the design of drugs have passed more than 2 millenniums. Along this time the human being has found in the observation, the study and the experimentation the steps to do it evolve, allowing him gather hundreds of thousands of data that had to help to the expert to comprise why things happens and how to avoid them.

However, the expert had in front of himself another big challenge: how I can process all this information? The answer has come caused thanks to the advance in the sciences of the computation and to the development of technicians of analysis of data advanced, which have turned into crucial and indispensable allies to tackle and treat the hundreds of thousands of million data that the experts gather and need to process. This master ranges with the future, offering training in advanced data analysis techniques thanks to which is possible to extract useful and unseen knowledge of complex data, uncertain and partially complete: data mining.

The goal of the Data Mining applied to Medicine master is to train professionals in the application of data mining techniques in the area of health sciences, capable of participating in or leading investigation projects, data processing and extracting data knowledge. The student is trained in the whole process of Knowledge Data Discovery, from data capture to the final interpretation with a practical focus by experts who will lead the student through real contexts and situations. See more information at the following link.

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